4G is a huge disadvantage.

A fibre connection with ethernet is the best option, but that is unable where I live. My wifi uses radio waves and I connect the router to a devolo powerline adapter and my adapter to an ethernet cable to my PC. In the day, when many people use the wifi, my ethernet is so slow and my pong spikes to 1000ms. Completely unplayable.

I ordered a sim so I could tether 4G from my phone to my PC via USB. My ping doesnt spike , but has a bit of jitter.

It was night time, so I thought I’d try out the ethernet (hadn’t used it for csgo in a while). Wow. First round I get a clean pistol HS ace and finish 18-3 k-d. 16-2 win for us.

I can now say that, when using 4G, enemies see me before I see them. When I peek, the peeker’s advantage seems to be cancelled out with my connexrjon limitations, so it feels like ebemies react way too quickly. Also, enemies got way too much peeker’s advantage when they would peek me. Unless it’s an instant hs I get, I’d die in a flash. I always thought something fishy was up with the 4G, but I got so used to it, that it’s only now I realised how hard it was making the game for me.

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