A couple of years back Mousesports was jokingly known as NiKosports, now it really feels like BIG has become tabseN International Gaming.

tabseN was set up by gob b to become their new IGL after gob retired.

Now tabseN is not only their IGL, he is their best fragger by a large margain ever since he became their IGL.

He gets more AWP kills than their dedicated AWPer smooya.

He pops more heads than freaking XANTARES.

He gets more kills in their pistol rounds than nex.

Like what even has he become.

Just two days ago he had 29 frags on train in a game that barely lasted 20 rounds.

2.25 rating.

T.I.G. let’s fucking go

If he keeps this up for the rest of the year he’ll have a good shot of being the first German(I think) to make the HLTV TOP20

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