A future for me in eSports

I am an up and coming commentator from India and I go by the name OGTheLowRezChkn.

I have been casting for over a year and have now have become a top caster from my country, although in all honesty, there is not much competition.

I have casted and analysed events like The ESL India Premiership and Zowie Extremesland Indian Qualifier (the qualifier to the event f0rsaken got caught in)

Casting is my passion and the fact that I am 18 years old allows me to do it without much restrictions.

Can I expect casting to take me places in esports ( CS specifically) or am I placing my bets on the wrong table?.

Going forward, I am looking to make this as a full time job but is it viable and what are my chances of going international on the back of casting?

Any insight or help would really be appreciated 🙂

References for my casting –

Zowie Extremesland Indian closed qualifier – https://youtu.be/CF-d0bx5kXU

Zowie Extremesland Indian closed qualifier finals – https://youtu.be/AckizT-KSe8

ILG Grand Finale – https://youtu.be/VZp2TNkcQRE

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