Aleksib about his benching from ENCE: “I feel that i’ve been lied to, i have lost my trust to some people.”

Month or two ago Aleksib was visiting Finnish sport podcast called “Urheilucast”. He got some questions about ENCE and he shared some new info about his benching.

Interviewer: Now that it’s past, do you think that ENCE handled this sitaution well?

– No.

I: Why?

– I personally think that some things could have been talked betterly, i feel that i’ve been lied to, i have lost my trust to some people.

– I’ve heard rumors from players / people who are “insiders” about what happened behind my back and i don’t appreciate these things and i will never accept these things.

I: Did you feel that you weren’t appreciated anymore by the ENCE management?

– Yes.

I: So your not fine with the past but your not giving any attention to it anymore?

– I can give some contrast to what i said, there are some people in management that are good and i trust, same with players, there are some that i appreciate and some that i don’t.

Also he had longer sentences about Aerial, he thinks the interview with HLTV was misleading, and not what Aerial meant to say, and he is fine with Aerial.

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