An explanation of all the new CS20 skin designs and their description quotes.

A saw someone asking what some of the descriptions of the new skins on another post meant as they were new to the game. I wrote up this huge description and decided I may as well make it a post too.

I tried my best: (this took way longer then expected lol)

Dual Berretas Elite 1.6: Source material

These dual barrettas are called Elite 1.6 as in CS 1.6 and CSS the dualies were actually called the dual elites. I’m guessing the “source material” description is there because the skin is literally just a remake of the original dualies that you can see here. I thought it was a pun about the source dualies but those were silver rather then black.

Tec-9 Flash out: RE: dance lessons with Jordan

The tec 9 is called flash out because it’s created based off the colours of the flashbang, as seen here. The description “RE: dance lessons with Jordan is a reference to ex-pro Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert’s flash bang dance joke

Mac-10 Classic Crate: Rush B, don’t stop

This mac 10 was made to look like the green crates from the original dust. The “Rush B, don’t stop” is just a popular joke about noob CS strategy which is just rushing sites, it also makes fun of Russian players as people usually say it with a Russian accent. You can see more about the joke here

Mag-7 Popdog: The dog that refreshes!

This is a reference again to a 1.6 version of a map, this time train. It was on one of the trains in the maps original iteration as you can see it had a line under it saying “The dog that refreshes!” Because i guess it was some made up soft drink (pop) company.

SCAR-20 Assault: also available in red

The design was based on the shipping containers from the 1.6 assault map. The “also available in red” is just because the skin designer made a red version too which looks cooler in my opinion.

FAMAS decommissioned: If found please return to the Cedar Creek Nuclear Power Plant

This skin is based off the old 1.6 Nuke as you can see here the main body shares textures taken from the warn walls of 1.6 Nuke and the back of the gun has a design taken from a shipping container that is the same texture used as with the SCAR-20 Assault. The “If found please return to the Cedar Creek Nuclear Power Plant” line is a reference to the (unofficial?) name of the nuke power plant that is on one of the walls in game. Not sure what the “decommissioned” is a reference to.

Glock-18 Sacrifice: “The defuse is still coming in — he’s still going!”

This is a reference to Olofmiester’s infamous “burning defuse” from Cologne 2014 when he defused right before he died on round 29, keeping them in the match. It was turned into a graffiti on overpass “The defuse is still coming in — he’s still going!” was the commentators line as he was defusing.

M249 Aztec: Never trust a rope bridge

Aztec is an old map from CS 1.6 but the skin was modeled after the CSGO remake “Never trust a rope bridge” is a reference to the bridge in the map

MP5-SD Agent: It’s time to earn our stories

The gun is modelled after the “new” Nuke FBI character models. And I’m 90% sure “It’s time to earn our stories” is from one of the bot voice lines but I’m not gonna sit through a 40 minute video to find the line lol.

Five-SeveN Buddy: I’ve got your six

This 5-7 seems to be a remake of the 5-7 Triumvirate with a CT “buddy” on the back. “I’ve got your six” is also a CT bot voice line.

edit: 5-7 Buddy’s quote has an additional layer of meaning. It’s flavor text is used to signal to someone else that you’re covering their behind, which is exactly what the ct on the gun is facing. Thanks to u/MarioKartEpicness for pointing this out!

P250 Inferno: “But look at the time!”

This P250 is modeled after inferno (obviously) and the “But look at the time” Is a reference to one of the most famous plays on Inferno in history. In arguably the best major final ever Stewie2k pulled off this insane clutch at 14-15 keeping Cloud9 in the game (who later went on to win the major) The commentator is Bardolf who delivers the “but look at the time!” line.

UMP-45 Plastique: 73556**

Seems to be modeled after a bomb (not the cs one though) and “73556**” is the first 5 numbers of the bomb code that is typed in by CTs when defusing the bomb.

MP9 Hydra: Worth the wait

This MP9 is designed around the Operation Hydra logo. “Worth the wait” is a joke about how long we had to wait for the operation to be released as we waited over a year for it while previous operations only had breaks of a few months (about 2 a year usually) Funnily enough we haven’t had an operation since.

P90 Nostalgia: Minutes to install but a life time to master

This skin is designed around the old 1.6 loading screen. “Minutes to install but a life time to master” is pretty self-explanatory.

AUG Death by puppy: Not to be confused with “ladder”

This skin is the sibling skin of the classic P90 Death by kitty. The skins is covered with the old popdog logo I linked before. “Not to be confused with ‘ladder'” is a joke about how today’s version of Train no longer has this design however many people call ladder room “popdog” (including myself) so this is a joke about how old popdog is different to the new popdog.

Awp Wildfire: The nail that sticks out gets the hammer

This awp is designed after the Operation Wildfire logo. “The nail that sticks out gets the hammer” doesn’t seem to be relevant to CS:GO but instead is an ancient Japanese Proverb

FAMAS Commendation: Here’s to 20 more

This one doesn’t seem to have quite such a direct link to CS but rather it mentions the “World Wide Community” and lists a bunch of the most well known maps. It seems to be designed around a commemorative medal of sorts, as the name implies hence the large amount of gold. And “Here’s to 20 more” is pretty self explanatory.

This took way longer then expected, but once I started I couldn’t really stop. Hope his helps you! 😀

Hope this tides you guys over until u/3kliksphilip releases his far more in-depth video.

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