Astralis CS movie (2004) – The Finnish Team: Guardian, bloodR, tihOp, kuviCk, Dooberi

You all know the Danish powerhouse that is a force to be reckoned with in the CSGO professional scene. But back 15 years ago, when Astralis was a new team, it consisted of a Finnish lineup: Guardian, tihOp, bloodR, kuviCk and Dooberi.

This is their first movie, from CS 1.6:

Astralis – Starlike Gaming

The roster saw multiple changes over the years, but ultimately the clan became inactive in 2006. Outside of a brief revival in 2009, it remained inactive for 10 years, until the name was acquired in 2016 to form the new Danish organization that stormed the scene.

Note: The Astralis Guardian player is not the same player as GuardiaN who is now in FaZe clan. Also, a sequel movie exists with the exact same name. However, it was with a different roster and made by vazze, not me.

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