Buy binds in Danger Zone

While the title says “buy binds”, this includes some other stuff as well so lets go:

  • Open tablet on buy menu: use weapon_tablet; tabletbuy_open

  • Open tablet on radar: use weapon_tablet; tabletbuy_close

  • Select hex to spawn at: dz_spawnselect_choose_hex 117;

    • 117 refers to the hex ID
    • The semicolon at the end is required
  • Select spawn perk: survival_equip spawn_equip_healthshot

    • Anything from here is valid as long as it starts with spawn_equip_

Now onto the buying part:

The command is tabletbuy_buy_.

can be found over here.

Only the ones with _purchase at the end work.

So for example we want to buy an ssg08, we use this: drone_ssg08_purchase

Combined with the command above this comes out: tabletbuy_buy_drone_ssg08_purchase

Now just entering tabletbuy_buy_drone_ssg08_purchase doesn’t work, what we have to do is:

  1. Open the tablet

  2. Open the buy menu

  3. Buy the item

  4. (Optionally) Switch to melee to close tablet instantly

Like this: use weapon_tablet; tabletbuy_open; tabletbuy_buy_drone_ssg08_purchase; slot3

To use any of the commands just bind it to whatever you want like this: bind "H" "use weapon_tablet; tabletbuy_open; tabletbuy_buy_drone_ssg08_purchase; slot3" and from now on pressing H will buy an SSG08 for you.

Hop into an offline match to test it out by entering this in your console: game_type 6; game_mode 0; map dz_sirocco, skip warmup with mp_warmup_end

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