Can (Should) we get a solo queue mode for Danger Zone?

Don’t you just hate killing someone, just to have them respawn 20 seconds later?
It’s infuriating, and all because that dude had a buddy, camping in some building, hogging the respawn feature.
Even without respawns, you’re at an obvious disadvantage when you have to fight against two people, much less in an open map that doesn’t have the clean angles and positions of the competitive maps.
I wish that we had a dedicated solo queuing mode for Danger Zone, so that you wouldn’t be at a complete disadvantage just because your friends either don’t want to play or aren’t online.

Yes, the update was a while ago, but after having played it quite a lot and really immersing myself in the experience, I feel that I’m qualified to talk about this instead of just having an immediate knee-jerk reaction to the update.

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