CFG for deaf people v2 + full tutorial

Hello !

I updated a little bit the ideaf.cfg to make it more easy to setup/modify

How it works :“It spams the command “soundinfo”, which returns sounds that are currently played back. Filter commands and developer 1 is used to display the debug output on the screen. ” – FuneralChris

Video (no voice)

1. Download :

AZERTY VersionQWERTY Version(based on default csgo key for qwerty/azerty keyboard)

2. Install

Place this ideaf.cfg in this folder :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(Your steam id3)\730\local\cfg

If you cant find your steamid3 or you want to install only localy (no steam cloud), place the .cfg in this folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg

3. Setup

Open the ideaf.cfg with text editor, and you’ll find a part where you can modify the keys used

For Azerty by default its zqsd and shift/ctrl/mouse1/mouse2/mwheelupFor Qwerty by default its wasd and shift/ctrl/mouse1/mouse2/mwheelup

Its pretty easy to understand

Example ://[^] UP | MODIFY BOTH KEY HERE// V

alias "BindForward_CT" "bind "Z" "+hearcounterterroristforward""alias "BindForward__T" "bind "Z" "+hearterroristforward""

The key used here is “Z” to go forward

If you want to use up arrow key then this part should looks like that ://[^] UP | MODIFY BOTH KEY HERE// V

alias "BindForward_CT" "bind " uparrow " "+hearcounterterroristforward""alias "BindForward__T" "bind " uparrow " "+hearterroristforward""

Don’t forget to save !

4. Launch

Open the game and in the main menu write in console “exec ideaf”

A lot of usefull information will appear when you exec the .cfg(you can add exec ideaf in your autoexec if you want that to be automatic)

5. In-game

Hop in a game (On Esea it doesn’t work 🙁 )

Write ” T” in console to make T steps/ plant appear when you move/spam mwheel

Write “CT” in console to make CT steps/defuse appear when you move/spam mwheel

6. Any question ?

Feel free to comment on this reddit,or DM me on

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