Cloud 9 vs MiBR IEM Katowice Closed Qualifier Post-Match Discussion

MiBR made a lower bracket run through the whole qualifier after losing their opener to INTZ, while C9 ran across the upper bracket undefeated, with both meeting the other in the grand final.

The new C9 squad looked to jump on what many expected to be a worn down MiBR mere moments after their 4OT slugfest with COL, but the South Americans came out swinging on Train, winning and resetting the grand final into what was basically amounted to a BO3 from that point forward.

But the South African/US hybrid lineup swung back, demolishing MiBR on T side of Overpass, then quickly closing out the map on the CT side, losing just a single round.

That dominance and confidence on Overpass for C9 carried over into pistol, with motm getting a 4k plus an assist, but this map was destined to be much more of a back and forth affair, perfectly embodied by FalleN getting a 4k with the AWP and oSee clutching 1v3 in the same round. Though things remained close throughout, C9 ultimately prevailed, taking the series 3-1.

C9 1-0 MiBR (Default) | C9 13-16 MiBR (Train) | C9 16-4 MiBR (Overpass) | C9 16-12 MiBR (Inferno) | Dust II (Not Played)

C9 will play in IEM Katowice as the NA qualifier representative. MiBR is eliminated.

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