Coldzera Interview Summary


  • Started playing CS because of his brother, but become better than him
  • Realized CS was a real deal when he made a team with Fallen and co. and dominated the BR scene
  • Quickly ascended to the top
  • Struggled when moved to the US
  • Had an argument with his family because they didn’t want him to go
  • His father gave him US$ 2,000 and he used it to buy his gear to play CS:GO
  • Didn’t suffer prejudice of any kind in the US
  • His father supports him a lot (says he (father) is his #1 fan)


  • Gets bothered because people say Fallen has helped him a lot throughout his career
  • States he’s helped Fallen too, so they’re even
  • States that even though Fallen’s career is 13 years long, he’s never achieved much and never won a Major
  • He (coldzera) won his first Major with only 4 years of playing CS:GO professionally
  • Says that although Fallen’s career is big, he (Fallen) never had much success before He (coldzera) joined the team along with taco and fnx


  • Never felt pressured when joining MIBR (old LG lineup)
  • He’s maybe felt pressured at the end, when the team wasn’t doing any good and were trying to come back
  • Says MIBR lacked competence to become #1 again (he himself included)
  • Says he feels no pressure, if he wins, he wins. If he loses, life goes on

League of Legends

  • Compared CS:GO and LoL brazilian scenes, explaining why brazilian CS:GO improved faster and reached the top
  • Has played LoL before, best rank was Diamond I


  • Best player to have ever played with: taco (because he plays for the team)
  • Best player to have ever played against: s1mple
  • Worst player to have ever played with: SHOOWTiME
  • Worst player to have ever player against: Zeus (Na’Vi)
  • Player who he dreams of playing with: NiKo
  • Two players who he would never play with (could not repeat SHOOWTiME): steel (they’ve played together back in 2016; steel would play and practice a lot, but in a wrong way, pretty much DM only, no analysis of any kind) and boltz (comfort zone issues, says boltz gets in a comfort zone and stops trying)
  • Who’s the most complete player between him and Fallen: says he is the most complete because he can play with any weapon
  • Worst MIBR player from 2018 onwards: felps
  • A team that disappointed him: Astralis

SHOOWTiME issues

  • They decided to invite SHOOWTiME because he was in the US already
  • Says he (coldzera) is very polyvalent and SHOOWTiME played the same roles as him
  • Says he (coldzera) gave up on his original role to make SHOOWTiME comfortable
  • Says he (coldzera) offered to help/teach SHOOWTiME but to this day, SHOOTiME has never gone after him
  • He (coldzera) got annoyed because SHOOWTiME was having the chance of a lifetime but would play other games (Battlefield) rather than focus on CS:GO and talk to him
  • Two days later they lost 16×0 to Renegades and he (coldzera) got pissed
  • He (coldzera) got sad because he found SHOOWTiME sad and crying
  • Says he apologized to SHOOWTiME

Disappointment with Astralis

  • Says when MIBR was on top, they would always talk and hangout with other teams, Astralis included
  • When Astralis ascended to the top, they (Astralis) stopped hanging out with them (MIBR)
  • Says dev1ce’s ego skyrocketed and became snob
  • Confronted dev1ce in a club and told him never to talk to him (coldzera) again (reasons above) because he (coldzera) is humble
  • dev1ce cried and apologized
  • coldzera didn’t accept his (dev1ce) apologies and never will


  • Praises fnx as a player and says they’ve never managed to replace him
  • Says fnx is one way when he doesn’t have anything and becomes a different person when he has it all
  • Says fnx is tough to deal with ad lacks motivation
  • Says the decision to cut fnx was a team decision
  • Says fnx was warned due to his motivation issues but didn’t change and ended up cut
  • Says they thought about bringing fnx back in, but he’s a ticking bomb


  • Praises felps as a player but he brings nothing to the team, he is a great player individually
  • Says felps would work 10 hours a day but not in a correct way (similar to steel’s situation)
  • Says felps wouldn’t engage into group activities, like lunching and dining together
  • Says he didn’t like to play with felps because of his individuality

Leaving MIBR

  • He wanted to leave MIBR back in 2018 because he didn’t like how the issues were being handled
  • Stewie2k convinced him to stay
  • He stayed for another year and liked it all
  • Says the team wanted to go back to a brazilian roster in 2019 but he (coldzera) didn’t like it
  • Even though he wanted to speak portuguese mid-game again, he also wanted Stewie2k and tarik on the team
  • Says he also wanted taco in place of tarik
  • When they went full BR again, he didn’t want to play with felps, he wanted kscerato instead
  • FURIA asked for an absurd amount of money and MIBR decided not to pay for it
  • He got sad in 2019 because they were bringing personal and external issues to the team
  • At the end of the day they could not solve neither internal nor external issues and this ended up affecting the ingame performance
  • Ended up discouraged with all problems
  • Hates to lose, very competive person
  • They scheduled a meeting to discuss who wasn’t happy anymore and he spoke up and left
  • Says MIBR didn’t eager to play anymore
  • Says he wouldn’t carry anyone, this is a team game and for him to carry, everyone has to help and play well
  • Compared MIBR’s and Astralis’s falls

Not playing the Major

  • Asked to leave before the Major so that he may have more time to tidy up the house since he needs to renegoatiate his contract with MIBR
  • Intends to come back right after the Major
  • Kind of bad blood between him and rest of MIBR
  • Says when taco and felps left the team, nobody said anything but now that he left, they’re publicly talking about being happy, the team being good, and it saddens him
  • Says MIBR know it makes him sad and they’re gonna pay for it
  • Says MIBR went over the limits with the “trash talk”
  • Says he’s not vengeful and the best answer he can give to MIBR is to be silent when he wins against them
  • Says he would play with the rest of MIBR again


  • Thought about retiring back in 2018 and thought about it again in 2019, but his father convinced him to stay

Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my main language.

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