Coldzera talks about the elimination

So MIBR just lost to BIG and coldzera is talking to the fans on twitter, so I’ll translate what he says cuz its cool that he is transparent:

Fan: Will you announce Lucas1 leaving the team?. Because its always the fifth player’s fault. You even complained that felps lost first and it was a 4v5, but you did it in 6 rounds dying alone and not being traded. Lucas and Fallen played so well for you guys to throw the match.

Coldzera: For you to be talking so much nonsense you look like you didnt watch the game, if you want I’ll list all the rounds that I died first, if it werent part of the tactics (for him to go first) at max 1 or 2 times I died to tizian playing an off angle, still inside the tactic.

Then another fan responds to this comment, saying: What is killing you is yourselves, it seems like you dont accept the fact that you are not top 3 anymore, specially you, sometimes the problem is right under your nose. Saying that you want to play like when you were top 1 again is to go back in time, the key word is reinventing. ( I agree with this guy so much lmao)

Then cold answers:

Our problem is clear, we’re missing skill sometimes when we need everyone, we need to understand how to change up our playstyle and not throw the rounds that we cannot lose. All are part of this, myself included. We’re trying to find ourselves again but this time is not like the old days. and also

Cs is changing everyone is smart, they dont play dumb cs and we are taking a long time learning this.

Ok so these are still referring to the first guy:

The difference is that my deaths were more lack of aiming or bad movement and strafing rather than being caught off guard.

I had a poor showing in TR train and thats not an excuse. However, dont go talking about felps because its not me who decides, if you are feeling sorry about him take him home, im out. ( wow cold his grandma just died chill)

Now a fan says: Put the blame on felps now. and cold says:

He is not responsible for everything or are you guys stupid its not possible. We had 2 agressive player and no solo A bomb who’s passive when needed we exchanged him because his role doesnt fit the team, he would do great in fer’s position but we already have fer.

So as a passive solo A he cant make it, he is impulsive playing so the team decision was to bring in lucas who’s more passive so we can mix it up when needed. Its so many dumb comments, jesus. (true).

Also: In 2017 it was easy to win because the shit we did we made up for it with skill, today everyone plays smarter instead of skill …

Sorry about formatting I dont usually post long texts, yeah

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