CS:GO got banned in Catalonia for our national University League, because the game it’s “too violent”.

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In the last years, University Esports makes national tournaments for games like League Of Legends, Heartsone or Brawl Stars, among others. This year it was time for our loved CS:GO to be introduced. It was announced a month ago and I’ve been training hard with my team since. The first matches are in a couple of weeks.

This morning we received the following email.

University E-sports Email (Spanish)

English Translation

**Closure CS: GO (Aqua Conference)**1

Agreement in the CCU regarding CS:GO

On behalf of the Esport2 Català Universitari (ECU), where the twelve Catalan universities are represented, a formal request has been made not to include the CS:GO modality in the competition, taking into account that in the characteristics of this game, different countervalues are identified. Because of this, we are obliged to close the CS:GO division throughout the Aqua CCU conference. That is why the following universities will not be able to participate in the national league of the current season of University Esports.

1 Aqua is the Catalonian region

2 Sports in Catalan, not only E-Sports.

We couldn’t believe it, we rushed to social media, seeking for information, and we found none. We asked to University Esports on Discord for explanations. It seemed they didn’t want to give us much information, they said it was a decision of the ECU. Then, I asked ccuesports (ECU e-sports) on discord, and they replied this to me.

ccuesport Discord message (Spanish)

English Translation

Hi, I put you in context. For our part we have been organizing the Catalunya eSports championship for years, the last years of the University hand in the Aqua conference. The CCU is promoted by the ECU (Esport català universitari) integrated by the sports services of the 12 universities. Before the summer at the meeting with University to prepare for the following season, we talked about the new games that would be added to the competition, we talked about Brawl Stars and TFT. At the turn of the summer, University announces the inclusion of these two games and CS:GO without any previous news.

About two weeks ago there was the ECU meeting for the new season of the CCU (Of all sports including the eSports competition) and the Aqua flag coordinator also attended to discuss the theme of the championship. Some universities debated the inclusion of CS:GO and their disagreement because it is a realistic videogame in terms of its representation and recreation of violence. In view of this debate, the ECU joint decision was finally made to make a formal request to the University to unlink the CS:GO competition from the CCU eSports. From here, University has decided to accept the petition and joint communication has been made.

I fully understand the disagreement with this decision on the part of the players and that they may seem like objectionable arguments at present, but in a way I think it may be understandable that universities want to protect their image and their connection with certain competitions.

That said, if you consider it appropriate, you can formalize your complaint or leave your comments on this decision in the email [ccuesports@uoc.edu](mailto:ccuesports@uoc.edu) so that it can be sent to the ECU.

The rest of the teams in Spain will be able to play the tournament, except the Catalan teams. It is scandalous and outrageous. All for retrograde reasons, it seems that we have returned to the year 2000. 12 universities, with adult people, that are going to run out of competition, because the video game is “too violent”, according to them.

I would like to know your opinion to know what to do.


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