ENCE vs MAD Lions IEM Katowice Closed Qualifier Post-Match Discussion

ENCE 7-16 MAD Lions (Overpass) | ENCE 10-15 MAD Lions (Mirage) | Train (Not Played)

To get here both of these teams knocked out the remaining Polish teams attempting to represent their homeland in the Spodek Arena in late February/early March.

Things were close after the first half, with MAD Lions holding just a slim 9-6 lead. But the Lions roared on CT side, allowing ENCE just one round before they closed it out. acoR outdueled suNny 5-0 and Bubzkji was 4 for 4 in his duels with sergej.

Mirage was more of the same for MAD Lions, beginning on CT side this time and jumping out to the same 9-6 lead in the first half. GOD allu showed up in the first half with 17 frags, but roeJ wouldn’t be outdone and casually posted 22. ENCE managed some solid rounds on CT side, but ultimately MAD Lions would not be denied, their T side site hits were clean and effective. They take the series 2-0.

MAD Lions will be the final EU Closed Qualifier representative for IEM Katowice. ENCE are eliminated.


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