eoLithic CS movie (2003)

eoLithic Arguably one of the best CS clans of all time. They were active in 2002-2003. This is their movie.

My name is Zaknafein. I used to be a professional Counter-Strike moviemaker in 2003-2005. Since I retired before YouTube was launched, there was never an official channel to host the movies I made. I have lately returned to active editing and will be putting all the old CS 1.5 and 1.6 movies on my revitalized YouTube channel, starting with the eoLithic movie. There are plenty of fan uploads around, but below is the reupload of the original video file (the file itself is available upon request).

eoLithic CS movie: https://youtu.be/Sefy8SyEU-0

More info about the movie on the Style Productions website: https://style-productions.net/index.php?page=forum_thread&id=156&p=1

For more information regarding the eoL team itself, I recommend the detailed video by r/thooorin from 2016: https://amp.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/447jjz/thorins_thoughts_eolithics_evaporating_excellence/

Alternatively see kevraph’s post on the same topic: https://letstalkaboutesport.wordpress.com/2018/01/25/eol-myth-or-reality/5/

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