ESEA Falsely Bans Dozens of Players

My name is Michael Zhao. I’ve been playing Counter-Strike:Global offensive since I was 15 years old. I grew up playing Mario, Call of Duty, and the Grand Theft Auto series. However, Counter:Strike soon became my go to and I was hooked. I decided to pay for ESEA in 2017 after improving my skills and seeking a more competitive experience. Yesterday afternoon on 10/25/2019 at 12:00 in the afternoon central time, I was falsely banned from ESEA for ban evasion. I was issued a 730 day ban sentence and had 100 karma removed from my account. Some of my league team’s wins became forfeited and I could no longer participate in league or ESEA in general for 2 years. I was honestly amused at first because I knew that the ban was outrageous and absolutely false. Now I just feel helpless and infuriated. Never in my life have I tried evading a ban that was issued to me and I knew that the ESEA account I played on was the only ESEA account I had. I emailed the support team with my concerns regarding the ban and gave potential reasons for the possible mix up. I travel between my college and home a lot as its only a 2 hour drive. I go to a College University and I thought that one of the possible reasons for my banning could be that I play on the same ESEA account using two computers, one at home and one at my dorm. However, I realized that even if they saw I was playing from two locations, I’d be accused of account sharing instead of ban evasion. Another potential reason I thought of was that someone with the same IP as me that attends the same college got banned and because we shared the same IP I too got banned. The last ban I received was January of 2019, 9 months ago, and it was due to inappropriate language in a pick up game (PUG). The bans before that were also community conduct violations affiliated with inappropriate behavior in pugs. Regardless of the reason, I know it’s completely 100% false and I’m willing to do anything to refute my ban and if I don’t get it refuted, I might even consider suing (which sounds completely ridiculous I know). My reasoning is I paid for the service, paid for my league fees, and then was wrongfully banned. When asking for support and the reasoning, I wasn’t given any.

I’m also concerned because there has been an insanely large amount of players that have been banned during the same time and day that I was banned. If you go to the recently banned players page on ESEA and sort it by Ban Evasion, you’ll see any range from 5-10 bans per day but all of a sudden on 10/25/2019, over a page of players (50 per page) have gotten banned on the same day. My username on ESEA is “Homosexual”. I also know that I didn’t get banned for this because I attended both IEM 2018 and 2019 and received the badge for attending both events. I gave them my username and they gave me the badge along with telling me that my name was completely fine and not against terms. Many players from Intermediate all the way to advanced have gotten banned. I’ve seen tweets on twitter regarding other people who have the exact same ban as me and who are also completely clueless.

I really feel like this issue is affecting dozens of players in the competitive scene for CS:GO as potential up and coming players are falsely banned with no reasoning leaving their reputations tarnished for no reason whatsoever. Upon asking for help they aren’t given any and simply get a response of “Because You’re Guilty”. Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!

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Insane number of bans that have taken place, a lot of people reporting false bans:

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