ESL One Cologne 2019 – Day 1 Feedback Thread

Hey everyone,

it is time again! ESL One Cologne 2019 is about to begin. And what a stacked tournament it is! Team Liquid has the chance to win the Intel Grand Slam in the Cathedral of Counter-Strike, but will they?

We’re kicking day 1 off with Group Amatches NaVi vs mouz and Liquid vs MVP.PK, followed by FaZe vs Renegades and Furia vs NRG. Group B will start afterwards with mibr vs Fnatic and Astralis vs BIG, followed by Vitality vs NiP and Heroic vs ENCE.

To follow all matches, please tune in to For further information, check out the event website:

As always, your feedback is very welcome here.


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