ESL Pro Tour qualifier streams policy adjustment

Hey guys,

In relation to the broadcasting of the IEM Katowice online qualifiers, I came here to say that we got it wrong. We are revising the policy regarding community coverage.

If a live broadcast of a given match is not being provided on a good quality international stream and we say that no one else is allowed to stream it, that is not okay. A show loses its purpose without an audience – it shouldn’t be happening with an ESL Pro Tour event.

We have revised our policy regarding community streaming. Going forward, if a qualifier match is not available on an official tournament broadcast, we will allow selected community streamers to broadcast provided that the streamer agrees to the terms and conditions.

To be clear: this does not mean that anyone can stream any match. Streamers may still be approved or denied if there is already a broadcast in English for a specific match, or an official partner broadcast in that language / territory. The number of approved streamers will also be kept at a level which is manageable on our side.

The bottom line is this: is there’s a game we don’t cover, we prefer that someone stream it than for people to get nothing.

Our intention is first and foremost to create a good product. You can only judge whether it’s good or not if you can see it, so allowing games to be streamed is a good place to start.

Please let us know your feedback. We will continue to monitor the situation and update our policy again to make sure fans can follow the matches they want to see.

And if you missed out on watching a match you wanted to see yesterday, please accept my apology.

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