Faceit have we met 2.0 – A Faceit player tracking tool.

Faceit have we met 2.0 - A Faceit player tracking tool.

Hello people,

Today I release Faceithavewemet 2.0.

URL: www.faceithavewemet.xyz

tl;dr: App that helps you find games you played with one & another.


Every time I indulge into something I pretty much give it my all, a few years ago I was doing a course called BeCode. A course that preps you for the professional market as a (web)developer. During this course we were asked to create a project, the project should contain all aspects of the code we were learning at that moment in time.

You can still find this project on my Github. This was the original version of Faceithavewemet, the project really gave me a big insight in how it is to work with API’s I decided to persuade this type of work.

So anyway, since I wasn’t maintaining the original project anymore, the code was pretty much redundant and deprecated and I kept getting questions from people on when I was going to update this project. So I decided to recreate this from scratch but still using relevant assets from the previous project.

I made a scope and originally wanted to add much more to this project but then decided it was not worth it, since the main thing people were searching for were matches they played with their friends!

So what is this project and what does it do?

The main functionality is to find matches you played with someone, shows it as a win or lose and checks if you were enemy or friendly.

So for example :

I search for olofmeister and flusha
This will show me the following results

Example of 2 players being searched.

So now if I would click find matches you can see the following output:

Example of matches being tracked.

So if the match listing in the left is red this means player 1 lost this given match.
And if the color in the right was blue this means player 2 was on the same team with him.

Example of a game lost but on same team as player 2.

This also works the other way around, green on left = game was won by player 1, yellow on right = game was played against player 2.

Example of game won but on opposite team of player 2.

Here is some tech related information

Since I specialize in react and I really accelerate working with these frameworks I decided to use it for this app.

The full tech stack I used is the following:

  • React 16.8: Hooks
  • Redux
  • Firebase
  • Faceit API

You can find the full source code on my Github as well.

Anyway thanks for reading, any feedback will always be appreciated.

Have a nice Sunday!

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