FearSC, the admin who according to Faceit was “relieved from his role” is still working at FPL Circuit

9.2. there was Flash Point EU Open Qualifier #3 which had technical issues and the whole bracket had to be restarted. Yzn, Swedish streamer and FPL-C player, decided to contact admins at FPL-C HUB for support in the tournament. FPL-C Admin “FearSC” came in and behaved very unprofessional Photo

Two days later, Faceit Mikey released statement and said “the admin in question has been relieved from his role”. Full statement here

However, last night when Loba was streaming FPL, and showed the official FPL Teamspeak, FearSC was still there in the admin’s lobby with “Faceit admin” tag. Clip

Also you can see from the FPL Member list

He is also still admin at NA FPL-C Qualifier HUB Member list

So, did Faceit lie for all of us for some cheap PR, or do they really think that kicking him from FPL-C but keeping in FPL is good enough punishment?

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