Freeman attracts massive personal attacks from mainland Chinese CS fans after posting an Instagram story concerning Hong Kong’s recent violent matters

Freeman’s original Instagram story:

Translation: “My heart is broken, why has Hong Kong became a place like this? Be safe. Those people in white shirts and those dirty cops should go to hell.”

He is referring to a recent violent incident which was resulted after a series of political events in Hong Kong. This Reddit post explained the individual incident pretty well:

I suggest everyone giving it a read before carrying on reading this post.

After posting on Instagram, Chinese CS fans posted a screenshot of the Instagram story post onto Tieba (Chinese Reddit). Since news reports from Chinese news agencies tend to be twisted in favour of the Chinese government’s rule, plus the fact that the “people in white shirts” (a.k.a. gang members) have been politically pro-China for a long time, many Chinese people actually believe the gang members were merely exercising just. Thus Freeman’s stance against the violence exerted by the “people in white” drawn massive criticisms from Chinese CS fans on Tieba and Weibo. Some people have even labelled Freeman as a supporter of “Hong Kong Independence” / “Hong Kong Separatism”, and have urged TYLOO to bench or suspend Freeman from the team.

Later, Freeman published another Instagram story to explain matters (

Translation: “Gang members attacking random citizens and the police witnessed but did nothing. My parents are living in that area. How would you react if your family members live there? I am merely expressing my anger, is that not allowed? If it’s not allowed, I don’t have any more to say. Please understand the contexts of the whole incident.”

Kindy, TYLOO’s manager also posted on Tieba to make things clear and told fans to stop making it a huge matter, but the post was deleted after a few hours. Kindy’s post:

However criticisms towards TYLOO and Freeman himself did not stop. Screenshot of the comments under TYLOO’s weibo:

Some of the comments translated: “There’s a Hong Kong Separatism supporter in your team?” “What actions are you gonna take against the Hong Kong Separatism supporter?” “Your mom’s gonna die if you don’t bench the Hong Kong Separatism supporter” “Hong Kong Separatism supporter has to die” “Freeman can fuck off, please add another player” “I’m afraid the organization cannot live long if the Hong Kong Separatism supporter is not dealt with”

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