Fun facts about the Berlin Major players

With the major team list now finalized I summarized some information about the 120 players, that will attend the Berlin major in a months time:

  • There are 29 major rookies going to Berlin. These split it up into the whole team of Dreameaters, Cr4zy, Syman and forZe, most of INTZ and SANJI, oBo, Sico, nukkye and frozen being the only major rookies in their team.
  • With Azerbaijan (t0rick) and Uzbekistan (SANJI) there are two new countries representated, bringing the amount of countries at majors to 42.
  • flusha, JW and KRiMZ failed to qualify to Berlin, after they attended every single one of the 14 majors before that. This leaves the all-majors-club with only 5 members (olofm, shox, device, Xyp9x, Zeus). device and Xyp9x are the only two players, who played every major together. olofmeister is the only player, which reached legends-status in every major up to date. Can he continue that in Berlin?
  • flusha is also the most successful player, who is not playing at Berlin this year, while GuardiaN is the most successful player, at the major, who hasnt won a title yet. He played in the final with Navi in Cluj 2015 and Columbus 2016 and with FaZe in Boston 2018.
  • If Astralis surpasses FaZe, device & Xyp9x overtake olofmeister to become the most successful major players ever (according to my arbitrary points system. Also, if Astralis manages to win this major, the whole team will be the first to win 3 back-to-back majors and device, dupreeh and Xyp9x will be the first to win 4 majors in their career.
  • This major wont have any player from Germany present. This is already the fourth time, something like that happened. It did before in Cologne 2014, Cluj 2015 and at the last major in Katowice 2019. Considering that German and Polish teams participated in almost all other majors, there seems to be a curse here.

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