g2 vs astralis map 3 chat

huNter-‎ : .tech

Console: G2 Esports has called a technical pause

JACKZ‎ : 15% loss

huNter-‎ : 35

device‎ : 40 here

device‎ : arghhh jk

device‎ : ☞

kennyS‎ : toxic nicolai

device‎ : :DD

device‎ : going vpn or?

huNter-‎ : yeah i will try

Player huNter- left the game (Disconnected)

Magisk‎ : are you lagging on vpn since you stopped using it

kennyS‎ : I dont think it made such a big difference

kennyS‎ : and as we were running out of time earlier he quickly came back

Magisk‎ : should just keep using it i guess then

Magisk‎ : ahh

kennyS‎ : so i dont think he had time to set it up

Magisk‎ : ofc np

kennyS‎ : sry about it

kennyS‎ : bosnian internet

kennyS‎ : adsl just arrived

device‎ : hahaha

device‎ : modem

kennyS‎ : haha

nexa‎ : someone called him on the phone so his connection died

device‎ : lmao

dupreeh‎ : LOL

nexa‎ : kek

dupreeh‎ : “MOM GET OFF THE PHONE”

Player huNter- left the game (Disconnected)

kennyS‎ : should be fine, he stabbed her

nexa‎ : lmao

huNter- is joining the Counter-Terrorist force

es3tag‎ : /s

device‎ : dont talking please

dupreeh‎ : right int he p*****?

kennyS‎ : all guucci

Magisk‎ : thats a but rough maaan

Magisk‎ : 😀

device‎ : dont talking please

kennyS‎ : omg peter

Console: can we resume?

Magisk‎ : yes

huNter-‎ : rdy

kennyS‎ : we have rough towards each other

gla1ve‎ : rdy

device‎ : Console: dont talking please

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