Has anyone else been encountering a LOT of cheaters in matchmaking recently?

For the past three-ish months I’ve been playing a lot of matchmaking with a buddy of mine, and we’ve encountered cheaters in at least 50% of the games we have played.

Just to establish my background, I’ve played ESEA-Main and Advanced for the past 5-6 seasons, I have A+ on ESEA, Faceit Level 10 and FPL-C, 5500+ hours, etc etc etc. I’m not a bad player, and I’ve played against enough GOOD players to recognize when someone is cheating with some relative certainty.

To make sure I’m not crazy, I even checked my match history for game bans and found that out of my last twenty games, there have been fourteen convicted cheaters. Note that some games had multiple cheaters, so it’s not exactly 1:1 in terms of matches played and cheaters found, but that’s still more than a cheater every other game.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there something else going on? I know the game has been experiencing a surge of players lately — could that perhaps be the reason?

It’s just making it really hard to play MM lately.

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