How do I play this game? I haven’t killed a single person in my first 10 casual matches

I’m completely new both to CSGO and to FPS genre. I tried to adjust my mouse speed to the lowest possible that still let me control the camera without having any hard (1450 dpi and 2 in-game sensitivity) I joined a few deathmatch matches, had fun, but it begin when I play my first casual match. I don’t know the map and just follow my team, and keep getting sniped from like 1000 yard away by an enemy. I tried to snipe but right when I right-clicked, I’m already been sniped. I tried walking and jumping to get to another location but still got sniped. And I can’t even aim. I tried to align the enemy’s head with the middle of my crosshair, but either they’re too quick and change position before I shoot or I get sniped again. I know this game is hard, but to me it’s impossible. Please send me any tips for a new player you guys have. Thanks!

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