How hard is it to find an organisation?

I’ve been having hard time finding an organisation for my brother’s team to represent. They’re all high skilled ( my 16 y/o brother is 3000+ elo and other 4 are 19 y/o 3500+ elo ).

They won LANs in the past and they’re currently in Ljubljana at Epicenter Telemach LAN ( prize pool of 2500€ ). Their next LAN is going to be probably in 3 months but they’d like to play ESEA and Faceit Leagues and Seasons.

They look for an organisation to offer as much help as they’re able so when they go to the LAN and win it, don’t be in minus due to sleeping, gas, renting a van and cotisation expenses.

Also they’d like to play whatever organisation wants on 3rd party platforms and attend any LAN organisation wants.

I don’t know, but imho they don’t ask anything ambitious and big like salaries and other stuff…

Do you have any advices on to how to attract organisation to take my brother’s team to represent them?

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