How to communicate effectively in CSGO competitive matches

This post was made by /u/aymanbb a few years ago and I saved it in my google drive and its a copy pasta from there.

Alright, so I’ve been hesitating to make these kind of threads for years now, but since people keep doing the same stuff over and over again I atleast need to give it some attention in here.

First of all, this is a guide for everybody, it’s not targeted at the “annoying people” or something like that, most of the times even the nicest guys in the game have trouble doing it the right way and I’m gonna say here what it affects and how you should do it instead to maximize efficiency.

• Don’t talk a lot.

[Wrong] This is the most common one. You’re trying to be polite and provide as much information as possible, you are frustrated and desperate at the same time that you died, and that you want the guy that killed you to die asap, you think you’re giving a wonderful, peaceful source of in-depth information.

In reality you’re literally just noise in peoples ears where they barely understand what you’re saying, which then overlaps their in-game sounds and they end up dying like you.

[Right] Keep it simple, short and don’t repeat. Two guys rushing long to A site! That’s it. Let your teammates figure out the rest.

• Nobody cares what happened to you.

[Wrong] Oh my god, I literally came down short, then I stood in the corner, then this guy jumped and did a 360 mlg strafe, went back and forth then came back again, then my mom went into my room and called my name several times, I looked over and told her to go away, then I looked outside and saw a giant alien, then he shot me in the face!!! ………..Anyways guys, I think i hit him for 80 in 3.

[Right] Think ahead, get to the fucking point asap. It doesn’t matter how much he lucked out on you, it doesn’t matter how much your shots doesn’t register, it doesn’t matter that you dinked him and he didn’t die. Just say the info, and talk about as much bullshit as you want AFTER the round is over.

• Don’t be a paranoid bunch to encourage spam-talking.

[Wrong] I get it, CSGO is an intense game, you want to know every piece of information there is, you keep asking if there is anybody long, if Jack is holding short, if Patrick is awake on B. You end up having everybody talking on top of eachother until they eventually get rushed in while they are not paying attention.

[Right] Get the information that you truly need, and only if you can’t see it yourself on the radar, and let the guys focus on their aim instead of filling their ears with unnecessary stuff, specielly on CT-side. This can be applied to number 1, but more focus on encouraging people to talk, rather than talking much yourself.

• Complete. Fucking. Silence… during clutches.

[Wrong] You think you know a lot, you think you are smarter than the person in the said clutch, you think that he is some new born baby that you need to control with commands, like a walking Siri.

[Right] But you’re being a useless backseat gamer that only makes the situation worse. If you have some useful input, say it quick and easy otherwise just let the guy play. Let him play in complete silence.

Clutches are one of the great display of skills of the actual players, there are plenty of fucking smart people out there that are capable of winning a bunch of clutches. Pro teams does this too, they don’t say a SINGLE word during clutches, even tho the guy just demolished 4 people with insane headshots, they keep their mouth shut until the round is over. That’s how you should do it too.

• Don’t guess where people are.

[Wrong] This is a game of information, not a casino night. I think he is short, maybe he is long, maybe he is coming mid… I think that you should go b, I think that if you go this and do that, you might win the round.

[Right] Just say where you saw him last, what the last thing you saw the guy was headed to, and that’s about it. Let the players decide the guessing, unless you are VERY SURE where he is. Don’t put some random thoughts into the players heads, don’t let them stress over “oh, he might come tunnels, because this guy said so” people often misunderstand your maybe into a “hes surely coming there”

• Always specify in details how many you saw.

[Wrong] Don’t let your teammates over-rotate for no reason, don’t just say that people are long, when in reality there is only one guy there. Don’t SCREAM it like it was important, unless it actually is.

[Right] Only 2 guys pushing long, bomb is NOT there, be careful. That’s as simple as it should be.

• Conclusion

To become the perfect teamplayer is to first of all don’t talk all the time, don’t repeat stuff a thousands time, trust me, people hear you the first time you say it, unless of course you are SURE that they didn’t hear you, but just because they didn’t instantly turn around to look at short, doesn’t mean they don’t know they are there. Lot’s of people keep the information in their head, but decide to deal with him later. That’s where players then begin to interrupt and start saying random stuff like “are you deaf? i told you he is short” trust me, people most of the time KNOWS.. specielly the higher level you play in, the more people know.

Keep the information quick, easy and simple and be silent afterwards. Don’t tell stories about how you died, because nobody cares about that, people wants to know where the guy that killed you is, nothing else.

Don’t talk during clutches, ONLY if you have some crucial information that you think it’s okay to interrupt the players. The level of focus the players goes into during clutches are massive, give them the room and the freedom to do so.

Don’t sit there and try to tell people what to do, nor guess where the enemy could be. Let them play, talk about it afterwards. But most importantly; please be aware that people need to hear footsteps, and while you’re talking you’re basically disabling their ability to do so.

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