I am Eric Brinkley, ECS Product Manager at FACEIT: AMA

Hello Everyone!

My name is Eric Brinkley and I am the new Product Manager heading up ECS for this season and beyond. Here at FACEIT we’re gearing up for the next season of ECS starting on the 16th of September with the Pinnacle Cup happening right now.

Twitter Verification: https://twitter.com/ericfbrinkley/status/1172175002466017280

We wanted to take the time to answer questions directly with the community about this season of ECS as well as Pinnacle Cup while also taking the time to talk through questions about FACEIT.

We’ll give folks ~20-30 minutes to post questions before we hop in and start responding :D.

Helpful Links:

ECS Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ecs

ECS Season 8 Tournament Information: https://ecs.faceit.com/tournament-info/

Pinnacle Cup Viewers Guide: https://ecs.faceit.com/pinnacle-cup-viewers-guide/

ECS Community Caster Challenge: https://ecs.faceit.com/season-8-community-caster-challenge/

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