Im gonna get good! Announcement

Hello, r/GlobalOffensive. This is my 1st post here. It is about 20 days until I start school, so from tomorrow onwards, I will keep track of my progress. I will be posting a daily record here for all to view for the next 20 days. Currently I am a Corporal Rank 6, and by the end of my deadline (25th August) I hope to be around Level 14.

My play style:

– perfers Terroists

-OK with all guns, but skilled with SG 533, AK 47 and M4A1S. I really wanna work on AWP skills.

-Work well in a team.

-Good with strategies, so feel free to send some to me.

Throughout my 20 days, I will be playing a few competitive matches, but mostly training in Casuals.

Please send me tips. Have a good day!

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