Instead of VAC banning hackers, a better solution maybe to sentence them to a prison server.

VAC banning doesn’t seem to be effective because some hackers even create more than 20 accounts after being repeatedly banned.

Titanfall has previously sentenced the hackers to prison servers and didn’t actually block them completely.

If a player is identified as a hacker, they are sentenced to a prison server where they can play with other hackers.

While the hackers were in prison servers they would get minimal rewards which will be marked so as to prevent them being sold in the free market.

Valve could even start a new mode called “Prison Yard” where regular folks with reputable and respected rankings (thus not trolls) will be able to play with the inmates and if they observe better behavior from the inmates then they will award them with points to reduce their sentence.

Based on the behavior of the inmates, if the matches in “Prison Yard” are GG then the inmates will be awarded normal rewards and experience which will be stored in their account but not accessible by them during their sentence.

After the sentence is over due to either end of sentence period or reduced sentence due to good behavior, the inmates will be allowed to join the civilian population again.

They will receive all their skins and rewards and XP they got in the “Prison Yard” mode due to good behavior.

I couldn’t think of the full system, but something like this may be helpful to reduce the severe number of cheaters and hackers in matchmaking.

This is not my original idea, it is derived from the prison system implemented for hackers in Titanfall.

What are your thoughts?

Positive and negative reviews are welcome.

And yes … my mum gey 🙂

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