Liquid is approaching NiP’s record for most consecutive LAN Bo3/Bo5 wins.

Although Liquid (or any other team ever, for that matter) stands little chance of beating 87-0, the fact that tournaments had fewer Bo3s/Bo5s during NiP’s heyday means that their record on that front is more achievable. Liquid currently stands at 20 consecutive Bo3s/Bo5s won, starting after they lost to Vitality at cs_summit 4, while NiP, during their 87-0 streak, won 25 straight.

Astralis, Fnatic, EnVyUs, and the Brazilians all maxed out at 9. (Fnatic had an 8 match streak that ended with that boost; if it had been allowed, and they went on to win DreamHack Winter 2014, they would have hit 13). won 10 in a row soon after NiP’s era, while NaVi are the only team to even come close to Liquid’s current streak with a 16 match run during the summer of last year.

Team Series wins Time period
NiP 25 Sept. 2012 – Apr. 2013
Liquid 20 May 2019 – Ongoing
NaVi 16 Jun. – Jul. 2018 10 Dec. 2013 – Apr. 2014
EnVyUs 9 Mar. – Apr. 2015
Astralis 9 Nov. 2018 – Jan. 2019
Luminosity 9 Apr. – Jun. 2016
Fnatic 9 Jan. – Mar. 2016

(Note that although I checked every team I thought would have a streak like this, it’s entirely possible that one fell through the cracks. Only teams with a streak at 9 or longer are included – I also checked Cloud9 and FaZe, but they didn’t have any super-long streaks. Maybe a French team, I can barely wrap my head around their shuffles. However, I’m also fairly sure that if a team managed a streak longer than 25, I’d remember them for other reasons.)

Going 3-0 and winning the major would put Liquid at 24; the clincher would be the winners’ match in the group stage at ESL One New York.

TL;DR: Liquid need 6 more Bo3s/Bo5s to beat NiPs record for LAN series wins in a row.

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