My take a low Trust factor issues

Why is everyone so upset with smrfs back 14yrs ago when i started playing we had to play against vets and get my ass handed to me ,

We never had matchmaking back then it was all about getting better at the game, Kids today want everything handed to them on a silver platter

The Reason MM is no good right now is not the amounts of smrfs,

Its the Good legit players getting reported and low trust, They then play agaisnt closet cheaters,

There are so many Cheats available right now that make there aimbot look so legit it its not funny, This is a big problem aswell when i play now and i see a MG1 get 40kills and die 20times either a says he is a SMFC/Global Smrf, Or there Closet cheating, I think the Latter

CLOSET Cheating right now is the biggest issue along with Legit players getting reported and getting crappy TF

////My Rant

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