Myth: Jumping Is Only Heard Client-Side

Now I know that with this post their will be a load of idiots that comment “Hehe, of course you can hear people jump, just not when they jump onto a higher surface” without reading the post. Please refrain from doing this.

To be clear, I am referring to the noise that plays as you jump, at the point where you leave the ground. NOT the sound when you land.

I thought about writing this post after amassing ~150 downvotes on another thread here:

This confused me because I’m sure that I hear the sound of enemies jumping when I play. In fact a thing that I like to do on train when playing in popdog is to punish people trying to double-drop. For people not aware of what that is, it is when two Ts make a tower and fall down popdog together. It is very hard for the CT to kill both.

It works very simply; I hear the jumping sound above popdog, then shift walk under the gap and kill both players before they drop.

I’ll admit, I got triggered in the comments and might have used some language that was unnecessary.

Now that I’m back from Berlin, I’ve had time to do some testing.

My original comment about the clip in the thread I linked was that I thought MODDII would have heard NiKo jump up on firebox and flick behind him but every reply was telling me that I was stupid and must have never played the game before because jumping is a sound that you can only hear client side.

Here is the clip from the demo of MODDII’s POV. You can clearly hear the sound of NiKo jumping up. Unfortunately I don’t have his recorded POV as none of his team were streaming.

I did also think that it could be a sound that only played in demos so I hopped into a private server with my mate and we tested what could be heard when the enemy team jumped.

You can clearly hear the sound of all the kinds of jumps again.

In conclusion, I found that jumps while walking, shifting, crouching and also crouch jumps are not silent from the enemy perspective. You don’t hear the dropping sound if you jump to a place of higher elevation but in every situation, you can always hear the sound of enemies leaving the ground.

I thought it would be worth making this post as this seems a very common myth. I apologise if I am mistaken but I can’t see that I’ve made any mistakes while testing this. If I have made a mistake, any information on how would be appreciated.

EDIT: Watching MODDII’s POV again, I realise my original comment was slightly misguided, as he did react. Obviously I can appreciate that it was almost impossible for him to win without NiKo whiffing massively.

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