[NA] Hosting a Wingman Tournament – $300 Prize Pool, 128 Tick Servers

Hey Everyone,

On July 27th and 28th we’ll be hosting a 16-team double elimination Wingman tournament. It is free to enter, just register at https://battlefy.com/counterstrafe/%5Bus-central%5D-counterstrafe-wingman-tournament/5d2d3673b663e4095f0cc342/info?infoTab=details.

The prize pool will be as follows:

  • 1st Place – $150

  • 2nd Place – $100

  • 3rd Place – $50

Servers will be hosted in US Central. In the interest of time all matches will be BO1 with standard map banning. For more information you can check out the format and rules on the event page!

All ranks are welcome to join. If you can’t make this one but would like to join similar tournaments in the future, you can join our Discord or follow us on Twitter! You can also stalk our website every once in a while. Up to you, we plan to keep it updated going forward.

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