North American Collegiate Counter-Strike AMA w/ founders and staff


We are North American Collegiate Counter-Strike.

We are an entity existing to directly represent collegiate players and their universities in the CSGO scene while also providing a fun and competitive league for them to play in. We are currently working towards having an integrated Collegiate League on ESEA and are even organizing a tournament with them right now!

We have a website, a club on ESEA, Discord, and Twitter with lots of interesting stuff going on:

We wanted to make an AMA to spread awareness to the rest of the community and also answer any questions our community or the CSGO community has about us.

Feel free to ask away!

Our staff will be answering any of your questions starting at 6pm EST to Midnight.

Please post them now!

Staff Answering Questions:

[RIT] Talen = Co-Founder

[UCI] Strawberry = Co-Founder

[UNG] Opportunist = Tech Crew

[MSU] Ang3l = Tech Crew

[LSU] Clack = Social Media Specialist

[SJSU] Nexgeneezy = Outreach

[UT Austin] Gyll = Community Mod

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