OpTic Gaming vs Sprout / Europe Minor Closed Qualifier – Lower Bracket Semi-Final / Post Match Discussion

OpTic Gaming 1-2 Sprout

Mirage: 10-16
nuke: 16-11
Dust 2: 16-3

Sprout have advanced to the Eu Minor.

♿pTic Gaming have been eliminated.


  1. Sprout removed Vertigo
  2. OpTic removed Inferno
  3. Sprout picked Mirage
  4. OpTic picked Nuke
  5. Sprout removed Overpass
  6. OpTic removed Train
  7. Dust2 was left over

More stats: https://www.hltv.org/matches/2334284/sprout-vs-optic-europe-minor-closed-qualifier-starladder-major-2019

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