r/GlobalOffensive Flair Contest – Design the Special 1 Million Subscriber Flair!

Hello /r/GlobalOffensive! Judging by our traffic stats, it looks like we’re roughly a month away from reaching 1,000,000 subscribers, and we’re excited to announce this contest to design the celebratory flair! This contest will end once we reach 995k subs.

The winning flair will only be added to the subreddit once we’ve reached 1M subs, and will remain available to be selected for 3 days. After this time, it will be gone forever, so consider it contraband once it’s gone! Those who have selected the flair during these 3 days will get to keep the flair as long as they wish. It won’t be removed from anyone, just removed from the flair list.

Do note, if you eventually change your flair, you won’t be able to get this flair back. We won’t be manually applying them back to anyone after the fact, as there would simply be too many requests if we allowed everyone to swap it out whenever they wanted. If you’re new to the subreddit and unsure how to apply a flair, click here.

This is a chance to create something that will represent a huge milestone in the history of this subreddit, and something that will be seen by millions of readers all over the world!

Flair Requirements:

We’re looking for something original, creative, and representative of reaching the 1M subscriber milestone. In the past, we’ve added special flairs for the 400k, 500k, and 750k milestones, but we’re looking for something extra special for reaching 1M.

The flair should:

  • look good on both white and dark modes
  • be a fixed height of 30px
  • be between 55px and 65px wide
  • be CS:GO oriented
  • be visually appealing
  • be creative

We won’t be accepting clearly low effort or joke submissions, so please make an effort and keep these points in mind if you want a chance at your work being selected.

What do I get in return?

Bragging rights and an optional special flair in case your design ends up being featured.

Not to mention your flair will be seen by millions of people and be a huge part of the subreddits’ history – as well as the first flair contest we’ve held!

Submitting Your Flair

Again, the size of the flair should be a fixed height of 30px, and anywhere from 55px and 65px wide. Once you are satisfied with your submission, please submit it as a comment to this thread. Please only submit top-level comments if they are links to your submission – all top level comments that aren’t flair design submissions will be removed. If you would like to comment on a flair submission, please do so by replying to that comment.

The submission file must be less than 500 KiB. We cannot upload images larger than this limit. Considering the very small dimensions of the flair, it’s incredibly unlikely that anyone will exceed this limit when submitting a standard PNG/JPEG, but in case anyone is really trying to flex with their design. Preferably, we would like the download link served via Imgur, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

If you are submitting via Imgur, you will need to make sure you have enabled high quality uploads by going to your Imgur settings, and enabling “Upload images in high quality”. This will ensure that Imgur doesn’t compress the image.

Choosing the Winning Flair

Once we have reached 995k subs, we will close the submissions and lock this thread. From there we will review every flair submission and pick a winner! The winner will be notified shortly before reaching 1M, and the flair will go live once the milestone has been reached.


  • Try to keep all the discussion within this thread and avoid creating multiple comment chains for your submissions

  • All top-level, non-link comments will be removed. If you would like to comment on a submission, please do so by submitting it as a comment reply to that submission.

  • The thread is permanent and will be actively monitored so please bookmark it

  • You can suggest flairs made by other people as long as you have their permission

  • Do not include any company logos, assets, or names aside from Valve or Counter-Strike’s brand

  • Do not use any copyrighted imagery that you do not have permission or authority to use.

  • The content must be original

As always we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Make sure to read the important notes above, fire up your favorite editor and get creative! Good luck and have fun!

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