Shoowtime on Coldzera: “you should be ashamed”

In a series of posts on Twitter, Shoowtime has made several comments about Coldzera and his behavior as a teammate when he stood-in for SK. Here follows the translation of his posts:

I’ve a lot of respect for Coldzera and the player he is and was. One of the best I’ve ever seen. But saying publicly that I used to play BF when I stood-in for SK must be a joke.

I think you should be ashamed and stop talking shit, because whether you like it or not you left me forever negatively marked, even if I did your team a favor and NEVER got anything for it. I think I understand why MIBR is happy now.

I know all my flaws as a player. But being stupid to think that I was on vacations when I had the opportunity to play in the best team in the world at the time? No. That’s a lie, I don’t accept it. Prove it!

Since he said that he’s still waiting for me to sit beside him so he could teach me stuff, here we go. I’m still waiting for him to apologize. Saying publicly that he’s done that is easy, directly to me that has never been done. One of the least polite that I’ve ever met in CS.

Said I was the worst player he’s ever played with, that’s fine, he’s in his right to say it. It’s hard to prove that in my SK days I was the guy that woke up the earliest and tried to learn things. I thank Fallen and Taco for being the ones to teach me the most in that period.

I say it again, total admiration to the PLAYER Coldzera. The person, the professional, he was the least polite that I had the displeasure of playing with. Never in my life I would do what he did to someone that was trying FOR FREE to fill a crater (fer’s spot) for a temporary period.

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