SoloQ tips to rank up – How I deal with mad & toxic teammates.

Hello eSport-Gamers,

I know there’re many people playing soloQ in MM or FACEIT and struggling to rank up / get elo cause of toxic, dumb or selfish teammates. Honestly for the majority of solo queue games you do really need steady nerves.
The higher your rank or elo, the worse it gets. So I found some ways to increase the chances to win a game even with the most toxic and trolling teammates.

Hope my little Guide can help you.

Who am I?

I have 3.5k hours in CSGO, Global Elite Rank and 3k Elo on FACEIT with 1.5k games. I’ve started with my reallife mates but they only play for fun and doesnt care about ranks so I played about 80% of my games alone all the way up to Global and Level 10 FACEIT with those little tricks I would like to show you.

Now and then I got lucky, of course. A four man turkish stack with a hell of strats and teamplay.
And yes, in your SoloQ – Journey you will encounter teammates playing like Astralis.
But most of the time there are rumanian Bogdans, russian Yaroslavs or british Owens yelling at each other while imitating accents and talking about their average kills.
Pretty funny sometimes.

I wont talk about improving aim, movement or other mechanical skills.
Playing Matchmaking then with my DMG rank I thought I need to topfrag and outaim everyone on the server, to carry my team. So I grinded DM and aim_botz everyday, only to get more frustrated when I lose.
Also did I notice that I am not the greatest aimer, not even now – with 3k Elo – and honestly, you dont have to be.
I just learned how to use my teammates to make THEM to win the games for me, especially when they are trolling or rushing everytime.
Sometimes I even tilt one of them on purpose, to get him to play more agressive. So I can support him.
Because it can make such a big difference if your team has an entry fragger, even when he dies most of the time. The worst games are with people who are scared to go in AND do no trade / support you if you are going first.
Lets not pretend there are any teamplay in solo queue, its rarely the case.
You all know those games, where everyone is doing his own shit and doesnt communicate at all.
I just try to make the best out of it.
Do not force any kind of teamplay (Dont forget, Im talking about bad teammates), cause it makes things even worse.

you call a flash for your mate > you flash him out mid dust2 > enemy wasnt blind or played anti flash > your teammate dies. What happens next? “GOOD FLASH K#RWA / N#HUI / RET#RD”.

So what do I do?

my Tips:

I would like to quote the famous words “If You Can’t Change Your Situation, Change Your Attitude.

Support your madmates to get them the kills YOU need to win the game WITHOUT telling and possibly flashing or blocking them.

If you have an insane topfragger, who got mad of your shitty aim and keeps forcing every round deagle and kevlar… just drop him a Rifle or AWP and do the following steps below.
You would be surprised how many rounds my team have won cause of that and me shooting not a single bullet.

SOME EXAMPLE NADES for MIRAGE explanation below

  • your dumb mate always peeks mid against the awp in window?
    => Flash for him! He wont reach mid before the flash pops and the awper is blind. It didnt work?
    Nobody will blame you, cause he didnt even notice.

  • the otherside. your window player always gets one deaged?
    => No Problem! Blind those Nikos before your mate can even look out of the window.

  • one of your mates is mad as a wet hen and always runs out palace or ramp and dies to pistols playing close?
    => Be his guardian angel and brighten his way from above.

  • GO RUSH FAST A!!! and everyone is afraid to leave tetris cause of the evil awper in jungle?
    => Give your people that security which they need to cross the site AFAP!


  • your companion at B on inferno “doesnt care” anymore and always runs down banana?
    => Let him be the hero of the round killing 2 people with a MP9 and no kevlar.

  • again the otherside: TAKE BANANA CONTROL!! the desperate guy who tries to take banana on his own and always dies to the awp
    => But what is that? A plane? A bird? NO! IT’S A FLASH!!!

  • overpass is all about map control, cut down the fast flanks from CT while not letting them have B short for free
    => The molotov prevents the CTs from pushing, so you can take B Short by yourself, if your mates are not helping!

  • every game there is an awper on A toilets with 17-3-3 stats after 7 rounds, that nobody can trade
    => Fcuk this guy and his constant repeeks from different angles. Smoke off this sight and allow your teammates to get close toilets while preventing him peeking with the fire.

Those Nades are just examples. Why did I choose them?
Because of the timings, you do not need to call or explain them and they doesnt harm your teammates. There are a lot more of those nades, most of them I did find on this subreddit and on YouTube.
Especially from these two guys NadeKing and Elmapuddy I’ve learned the most.

Remember, most of them wont even notice what you did for them. They will keep yelling, being toxic. But who cares? You won the game! If it’s to annoying, just mute them.

.. ..

Hope you enjoyed my “not so” little Guide and I didnt make to many grammar and spelling mistakes.

Feel free to ask me anything or to give feedback.

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