Steam CSGO cloud data has a RAT/Virus//KeyLogger

So I made the mistake of joining a community server on CSGO and my computer was infected with a RAT malware. I lost control of my mouse, someone was remotely controlling my computer. The hacker had control for about 15 minutes.

I then reformatted my pc, installed windows to latest updates, installed anti virus, steam and CSGO. Nothing else.

A few days later I noticed i had port forwarding setup on my router from my same pc to some random port. So I know there was key logging as well because I had recently checked the settings on my router. I also then lost control of my mouse while in a competitive csgo game. This confirmed my suspicion, my pc was again infected with a rat.

I have reformatted my pc and router 4 times now and this virus/rat keeps coming back. Let me remind you nothing else is installed on my pc apart from steam and csgo. Each time my computer was still infected.

On my last reformat i disabled cloud sync before reinstalling CSGO and now it looks like everything is fine. There is 1.5 Gb’s of data stored on the cloud for CSGO and I am suspecting those files are infected. How else could this persistent RAT be coming back?

How could that be possible, I have searched all over google and can’t find anyone with the same issue, I feel like I’m going crazy.

Any ideas how I should proceed from here? How do I delete my cloud data? Should I open a ticket with Steam would they even believe me or do anything?

The fact that I have a persistent virus/rat is really freaking me out I have had to reset passwords on all my accounts several times. The amount of hours lost and stress.. all because I joined the wrong server on CSGO.

Any help would be appreciated.

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