Summary of Brazilian recent scene/drama

All of this happened on Gaules’s stream yesterday on:

This will be long, sorry for that. It’s going to have a lot of errors, help me in the comments, it’s going to be hours translating.


Fly (GamersClub CEO) went on the stream to say his part of the story. Congratulated all the guys from MIBR for their part on negotiations and what they did for the team, it’s sad that the negotiations fell apart.

When they reformulated the team with V$M, Leo_DRK, Cogu and so on, Fly said that they told everyone it was only for 3 months, Gaules asks him if they didn’t had a pre-contract in case they did well, and Fly said they didn’t, it was only for 3 months. Gaules says to him that they didn’t believe they would do so well, Fly says they didn’t have the budget to do these pre-contracts. Gaules presses him that they didn’t believed in the project, because they have the money, but chose not to spend, MiBR has something that nobody has in Brazil, a story, a legacy and a huge fanbase with spots in big tournaments, if Boom wants to play against the best they can’t because they don’t have the same fanbase, but Mibr has. Mibr should value their team because they played very well against T1 teams. Fly says that they couldn’t had a pre-contract because almost everyone was on loan from other teams. Fly says that when FalleN, dead left Mibr, FalleN asked Fly to help mibr with negotiations and managing the team. Says that today (06/01/2021), FalleN’s a mibr player and still on contract. Fly was the bridge from the Immortals to kNg and trk. Kng asked for LUCAS1, it was hard to get anyone, because the teams didn’t want to loan anyone, said that they had the confidence in the players and they would negotiate after the tournaments to not interfere with their psychological aspect. Begins a circular conversation.

Cogu was on FB Gaming as a streamer, he had a legacy in MIBR, Gaules asks why not have a pre-contract with him, it’s very unlikely that Cogu had a project where he wanted players brought to Mibr, Fly says that he indeed had part of a project and wanted players (Gaules is quiet doubting, doesn’t say anything). Says that MIBR will get other players, he’s responsible in the final decision to get players but not for the financial ones, he needs to follow a budget. Cogu wanted to follow the players and not the org. Says that the objective was to have six players to compete in majors.

Fly says that Ari Segal is the responsible for the final decisions in MIBR project, lurppis (Tomi) doesn’t work in Mibr, but work in the Immortals group, he helps with financial decisions.

Gaules asks him about the LUCAS1 tweet about MIBR not paying them subsistence payments to help them living abroad. Fly says that’s true, they didn’t offer that only salary. The idea is to live in USA but the new team will be in Europe and in the next 2 weeks will go there to compete. They have 2 weeks to show a new Mibr squad. Gaules asks if they will have a “training facility” like Liquid has, Fly says that it’s not in their minds in 2021, maybe next year.

Fly says that when you have a Braziian team, there’s a lot of struggles, when you are looking for sponsors, they will look into your demographic base, and i.e, if it’s Brazilians, you will have to deal with the Brazilian branch of this sponsor, and they will have a lot less budget and will pay you in Brazilian Real and you need to pay your players in US dollars or in Euros to have the best players, so it’s a struggle to have a profitable team. Gaules asks if MIBR is profitable, Fly says that Mibr is and always was an investment. Gaules’s twitch chat is saying they are clown supporters because they have no team to support now, and Fly says they will have in the next 2 weeks, all Brazilians. Gaules jokes that he’s sad that ZywOo extended his contract. Fly said that he’s only the CEO of GamersClub and had the opportunity to manage MIBR and says that he won’t let MIBR die. Gaules says that Fly is trying to do a good job, but Ari Segal, Tomi Lurppis and all Immortals management are incompetent and have no idea what they’re doing.


Cogu went on the stream, and says that he felt like shit in the negotiations. Says that Immortals put the money on the table from Tournament Organizers and apologized after. Cogu asked Fly to go to MIBR, Fly said that it’s better if Cogu represented a Valorant team, and Cogu refused because he wanted to go the CSGO team, he went for less than a half of what he had in his Facebook Gaming contract as a streamer, because he wanted to help the team to prove his value. Said that they offered a little more than half of 10k, $~6k. They wanted $15k, Tomi Lurppis said no. Said that he had a meeting with lurppis, and he didn’t even bother to turn on the camera, the meeting lasted 5 minutes, after Cogu said that they wanted 15k, he said no, good day and hang up the call. Cogu says that they didn’t care about them. Tomi said that to Cogu that he’s a child.

Cogu says that Kng and Rafa (his manager?) that did everything and Fly wants to get all the credit, but the didn’t to anything, Kng brought the cameramen (Rodriguinho?) and all.


In this moment Fly enters the call, and Cogu says that he lied about the 10k proposal and they disrespected him. Says that they delivered so much more than what they asked, they even got a cameramen, MIBR didn’t care about that. He only wanted respect from MIBR management and he got nothing from them. Says that Fly and him already started in a project entirely made my Kng and Rafa, and Fly didn’t had anything to do with that. Fly apologizes if he got credit for it, he says that it was not his intention. Also says that they offered U$ 30 dollars to help with food daily, before was $70. Also they wanted them to be 3 months in Europe and if they had to be in Europe for more than that, the players would have to pay for that. Says that he never was in a good hotel or had anything good in those 3 months. And asks point blank what was the deal with MIBR management because he feels they didn’t want to retain the players from the start. Fly says that’s not true and they didn’t had anyone in mid, they wanted to retain the players, also says that they needed to reduce their salaries due to the buyout of the loaned players like VSM, leo_drk and in this new lineuo that they are searching, they have a bigger budget to spend. Cogu says that if they could pay 15k they would’ve done it, Fly says that they couldn’t due to the buyouts, leo_drk has the biggest buyout, vsm has a small one. Cogu sarcastically says that the new team deserves to have their meal in the hotel restaurant, they didn’t. And Fly says that they couldn’t at that moment.

Cogu says that lurppis and his brother naSu in the past in a tournament, they were playing against a team that had a player in a wheelchair, in the middle of the game, they said in CS chat that they wouldn’t lose a game to that crippled. Says that lurppis is a bad person.

Fly reiterates that they only started to search for new players was after they rejected the deal, and they are offering $30 dollars for meal still. There’s a confusion here if Fly said that the new line-up will have subsistence payments to help them live abroad, not clear. Cogu says that MIBR fucked everyone.

My Comments: It’s clear that they didn’t want to buy leo_drk and spend a lot of money on it, that’s why they preferred to search for new players. MIBR thought that FalleN, TACO, Fer was their brand but with the new team, they saw that they only need the brand and can have a lot of cheap players and will have more profit.


Fer says that he won’t play with BOOM, and MIBR won’t get the BOOM players, because the players don’t want to join MIBR. He doesn’t want to join BOOM because of the organization, he doesn’t know them. Says that he won’t go to VALORANT. Says that it’s going to be hard to go to a team that can compete in tournaments like Europeans, especially the ones that can communicate in English. Has 29 years and has a lot of will to play 18 hours a day, but he doesn’t want to start from the bottom. Streaming he can have a lot more money with half the effort. Says that FalleN can lose and make a story about it, he can’t, when he loses he’s furious. Says that’s impossible to eat with $30, 2 meals a day.


Pava says that in 2003-2006 they gained 50 euros a day in Europe and if they went to US, they gained 50 dollars a day. He says that in his time with mibr time in 1.6, MIBR had a family environment, it was only the players dealing with Paulo Velloso (MIBR’s owner at the time).

Gaules says that it’s possible to have this environment nowadays, Jason Lake provides that for the Complexity players, Alex in SK were guys that really cared for the players. Fer said a terrible thing in a stream when he was at SK, and Alex fined him and had a 1 hour and a half conversation with him about life that helped him to understand a lot of things, he compares that with his recent terrible thing that he said when he was at MIBR, they fined him, half his salary, and didn’t want to talk, they only said to him to look in the mirror and you will find the problem, he was livid with it. MIBR management didn’t care for their players.

Fer says that when they were in SK they saw the Immortals’s house (they lived in front of them) and it was very good, at that time Noah approached them with the idea of MIBR’s tag and they went for it, after that when the new CEO joined, he says that he saw Ari Seagal 2 times in his life, and only talked with him one time. Noah Winston was in MIBR until Stewie departed/joined (?), says that Noah was insane a lunatic person (doesn’t say more).

Fer says that Alex (SK CEO) joined them every tournament but didn’t talk with them, but if you wanted anything he was there, sometimes said to them to finish early so they could play football together, he was their boss but also a friend, he really cared for them. In MIBR, he said that nobody cared for them, and there were company problems that the players had to deal with, was an unhealthy situation. When they lost in SK, Alex said to them it was fine and got everyone to eat together.

Gaules says that in December now, happened a match between Complexity vs Vitality in the morning and Jason Lake messaged him if he could join discord and watch together the match. Fer says that Jason Lake messaged him in private, wished happy birthday, asked what he would do in his career and so on. Fer says that it’s hard to hear everything about MIBR like this, and to imagine what they suffered from the two years there. Says that’s impossible to say that they played only for money, they put a lot of effort but the results never came.


Random things, they say that Cogu loves MIBR that’s why he’s so mad, that he can’t represent the team anymore. Fer says that him and dead knew that this MIBR would do something like that low balling them in the negotiations, says that they don’t know what they had in their hands. Mch says that it worked one time killing FalleN and core tag, and reviving with VSM, KNG core, but now is really dead, won’t work this time, won’t have the same viewership. Gaules says that the old MIBR grew only losing, that’s how Brazilians work, they love to support their teams, when they start to win, the viewers lose the appeal. Fer says that he regrets leaving SK, they had everything they wanted there, but it’s important to have what he had in both ways. Says that Alex sent an email to fer’s personal e-mail, he woke every one up to see the email. They say that the yellow mibr shirt is horrible, they loved the black one, SK and MIBR.

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