Team Liquid are currently on a 13 Bo3 win streak and could be the first NA team to win a 250k+ event on EU soil.

They’ve won the last 13 Bo3’s they’ve played and only lost 2 Bo1’s.

Noteworthy teams they’ve beaten include











The only team Liquid has not beaten in the top 10 is Vitality who beat them in 2 bo1’s and a bo3 at CS Summit. I’m waiting to see if Liquid vs Vitality will be a rivalry or if it was a fluke for Liquid to lose to them. Liquid are currently the most dominant team rarely losing Bo3’s and seemingly only falling victim to Bo1’s.

I’m not sure if there is currently a team in the world that can stop Liquid they seem to be on track to have an era of their own. They seem to have gotten over their choking issue since during this tournament alone they’ve come back from multiple deficits to win maps.

Vertigo vs Astralis they won from being down 11-4

Overpass vs Hellraisers they won from being down 13-8

Team Liquid showed lots of resilience on Nuke vs Mouse I cant help that feel after that Woxic clutch 2018 Liquid would have shut down and fallen.

This is hands down the most dominant team in NA CSGO history and nothing comes close. I dont think Liquid have gotten the credit they deserve for becoming the team they are.

Liquid are on track to be the first NA team to win a 250k+ lan on EU soil and this is history in the making.

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