The core of FalleN, Fer, and Coldzera had a 7-3 record on LAN against Team Liquid before they added Twistzz. Since TL added Twistzz, the Brazilians have a 2-11 LAN record against them, including today’s match.

The core of FalleN, fer and coldzera had a 6-3 LAN record against EliGE and nitr0 under the Luminosity Gaming banner. They were 0-3 with Steelega and Boltz, losing to them IBuyPower Masters 2015, RGN Pro Series Championship, and PGL Season 1. They were 6-0 once they added fnx and TACO, winning matches in MLG Columbus 2016, ECS Season 1 Finals, ELeague Season 1, and Dreamhack Open Austin 2016.

Under the SK banner, FalleN, fer and coldzera had a 1-0 LAN record against Liquid before they added Twistzz, their one victory coming in the grand final of ESL One Cologne 2016, against Liquid with s1mple as a stand in.

Once Team Liquid added Twistzz, they went 4-2 against the trio under SK, beating them at StarSeries Season 4, Cs_Summit 2, ESL One New York 2017, and ESG Tour Mykonos. They lost StarSeries Season 5 and Eleague Premier 2017.

Since the trio joined MIBR, Team Liquid has beaten them a whopping seven times on LAN, starting with twice at ELeague Premier 2018, and then at EPL Season 8 finals, Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo, Blast Pro Series Miami, IEM Sydney, and here at EPL Season 9 finals.

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