The state of matchmaking after 2 years.

Hello there. I haven’t played cs:go for like 2 years, and decided to go back to it during pandemic. And here are my thoughts on the state of the game which I want to share with someone, but my friends don’t play the game anymore, so I will just share them here.

I am quite an old counter-strike player. Played since 1.6 and always loved the game. Once cs: go came out it was like a miracle for me. All I ever wanted from 1.6 was there. It was almost the same good old cs for me, but with Ranked Matchmaking, cool graphics, and I really played a lot of it with my friends until we all stopped and decided to focus on different things in our lives. Right now Due to corona pandemic I decided that it is a good time to get back to cs and to look what’s up. (Especially since I for the first time in my life bought a gaming pc with 240hz monitor and even a gaming mouse which I never had, and I was very curious at how much It will affect my performance)

Before the break me and my friends reached Lem ranks and stopped, since the game was overwhelmed with cheaters and we didn’t have desire, money and Time to play something like Faceit, so we simply stopped. During my 2 year break I used to play like once in a couple of months and after every calibration game (which I got every time due to inactivity) my rank was dropping lower and lower (it drops lower even if u win btw, haha) and so, now After my return, I Got my proud rank of gn4. 🙂

Thus, my mostly solo journey (1/3 of my games I played with my gf) through mm ranks begun. At first I was getting used to the game, but after a couple of matches I got everything back. Cs was almost like a bicycle here for me and I quickly got my old knowledge of the game back from my head and started slowly moving up the ranks.

Here I want to show what happens on every rank that I saw. And point out some crucial problems which I think spoil the game.

Gold novas. Honestly, this was one of the best gaming experiences for me. They Don’t really care about a win, they play mostly for fun. They treat a game like it is a game, not like it is something serious. Oh boy, it Was a great time there. Best people I played with were there. Many were Chill and funny, but I sadly didn’t stay there for long.

Mg1-mge. This is where toxicity hit me the most. A lot of the players here think that they are gods in the game, cause they watched some tournaments and some of simple’s streams so they think they have inhuman game sense and aim (but they don’t) and only noob team holds them from the desired global elite title. A lot of bad players with huge egos who don’t understand some of your plays, but flame you for this just because they can. often push as ct and are very toxic in general. Also Ranking up from mge to dmg took me the most time. I had to win-tie like 8 games in a row to get my promotion. And I was averaging 25-35 kills per game there always being top1-2 in my team iirc. It was quite unfair in my opinion since I was better then an average player there but the game just didn’t promote me for a very long time.

DMG. games got better there immediately. But I only had a couple of them and got my Le super quick.

Le. This rank is an absolute shit show. This is where my game quality dropped drastically and I basically stopped with mm again and went to faceit. Literally an obvious cheater in every second game. Sometimes cheaters are not so obvious but when I watch demos it’s clear as day (can provide some of them if someone really doubts, but voo from voo cs:go just tweeted out about it too).

At this time I spent a lot of time practicing my aim, and movement and it payed off. I Had sometimes games where I had amazing start, like 20-3… and in most of these games enemies got mad at me, thought that I cheat and so they used it as an excuse to cheat themselves. Which they made sure to tell me in chat together with curses and f-bombs. After which all of a sudden 1 of them became aim 1-tap god and we barely could win even a single more round. After this no joking I really considered not to stomp my enemies too much simply because I did not want to face another mad cheater. And that is insane. A Player who trains and gets better is simply scared to be too good, Cause his opponents might justify their suspicions of you cheating to cheat themselves! And you can’t do anything about it. Literally nothing. And this happens every time. And I have prime matchmaking with high trust factor. For the last couple of months I faced a lot of obvious cheaters who were not even hiding it. Especially in wingman. And not a single one of them was banned during this 2-month window. I checked some of them myself. Other accounts I checked with chrome extension. And not a single vac ban was given to any of people I played with or against. Vac is simply useless against them. This is the number one problem right now. But the more is yet to come.

Second big problem is acc buyers. Me and my random teammates (we all were solo queuing and did not know each other) several times kicked people during my games who were either completely out of their rank or just high. No crosshair placement at all. No map knowledge and awareness. No spray control no aim at all. They were clearly silvers or drunk. And I had quite a lot of them in my games.

Last but not least is racism and griefing. I am Russian and I know better than you guys how some Russians can be annoying in the game. I know better because I understand all the shit they are saying. But not all of us are like this. Yet I sometimes play with people who start ruin game on purpose simply because 2 random Russians in team start talking to each other in their native language. I know it is not polite and I personally try to speak English all the time during my games with foreigners. Even if only one of us is not Russian I will speak English. But still I got some racist guys who start throwing games because of some Russian guys in a team who don’t speak English. I know it’s not cool and frustrating, but you can always mute someone like them. Instead some people start throwing and flaming whole nation and my country which is just sad. And this is not bannable. Only punishment they can get is a couple of days in overwatch ban. Btw in my last game where this happened, enemy team was laughing and saying in chat how they love this guy who was throwing the game for us, and that they commend him and that Russians are shit. Worst part of Cs:go community in a nutshell.

All in all I don’t want to offend anyone with my post, but I sincerely believe that Valve need to change Their approach to our community. If they can’t Change vac at least change overwatch and try to make it more effective.

Nevertheless, we all know this will barely ever happen. But we are in this boat together. And basically my message to you guys is that by trying to become a better player don’t forget to become also a better person. This will make our experience in the game at least a little bit better. Gl & hf.

TL;DR After le rank mm now is completely broken. Cheaters, griefers, acc buyers. Valve pls fix.

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