Think twice before you make fun of how someone plays CS

I just finished an ESEA pug (pick up game) and one of my teammates bought a PP bizon every round. Although, it was obvious he was trying to win. He made callouts, made quick rotations on CT etc. But, a kid on my team kept asking why he was ‘throwing’ the game and being ‘toxic’ by buying a bizon constantly. It got to the point where they muted each other so everyone else could focus on the game. I messaged the PP bizon guy after the game to say GG and not to worry about that kid who was giving him shit for no reason. Turns out the guy lost an arm in an accident and the bizon/p90 is the only gun he can use effectively and can have fun with, because he physically can’t spray/control an AK/M4. And it really bothers him when kids call him trash for using it even though he’s trying his best. Morale of the story is; you never know what someone else is going through so don’t act like you know everything, especially in CS.

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