Today’s coldzera “trash-talky” interview main points

-Worst he ever played with- ShoowTime

-Guy he wants to play with-NiKo

-Best he ever played with:Taco

-Best he ever played against: S1mple

-Disappointed with Device and astralis because of their ego IRL when they were on top and made dev1ce cry on a club when talking about it

-Doesn’t like felps because he is too anti-social and didn’t want him on the team, wanted KSCERATO but MIBR didn’t want to pay

-Hated that shoowtime played battlefield during his stand-in period

-Stewie begged him to stay at MIBR when he was going to liquid and at the end of 2018 Cold and the americans wanted to stay a team but Fallen and Fer decided against it.

-Why he left before the major?

His huge buyout needs to be negotiated for At least 3 months and if he did after the major he would of missed the regular season rather than missing player break+ 1 tournament (major).

Will be updating later today

They thought about bringing Fnx to Mibr 3 times and renembered that he’s a ticking bomb


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