Tyloo’s Freeman under attack from CN community for condemning mobs who beat commuters, protesters, and journalists in HK as well as the irresponsiveness of the police

Background from BBC:

Hong Kong protests: Armed mob violence leaves city in shock

Hong Kong protests: Police criticised over mob violence

Hong Kong protests: Were triads involved in the attacks?

First Instagram post from freeman (reportedly deleted)

Translation: I feel painful. (Note: I can’t translate the 2nd sentence because I don’t know about Cantonese). I hope that white-shirts (Note: Mobs who violently attacked protesters indiscriminately) and the black-uniform police (Note: HK police wear the black uniform) can go to hell.

Second Instagram post from freeman as further clarification

Translation: The mafia is beating innocent citizens and the police turn a blind eye to it. My parents is living there and what would you think if your relatives are there? I am only expressing my anger. Am I not even allowed to do that? If not, I have nothing to say. Please, everyone, try to figure out what really happens in this entire incident.

During the entire protest over a month, Chinese news media, strongly controlled and regulated by authorities, have been selectively reporting protester violence and sabotage (which does exist; in fact, explosives were found ahead of the latest protest; however, police violence is never or barely reported), as well as overgeneralizing the demonstration as independence movement (while the entire event is principally pro-democracy despite the participation of separatists). Selectively reporting protester violence also leaves an impression that most protesters are violent and that it is the protesters who turned to violent first. Information disadvantageous to the authorities have been heavily censored. Years of propaganda and political education also made a majority of Chinese believe that foreign news sources such as BBC are fake news intentionally distorting facts and malicious against China.

Multiple misinformations on this specific mob attack are now being circulated in China, including the claim that the mobs are patriotic citizens who cannot stand all the troubles caused by protesters in the area and that they only counterattacked protesters but not innocent commuters and journalists.

Currently Freeman is being heavily flamed from CN community as he is now characterized as an HK separatist for his Instagram posts. Extremely insulting and cursing language is being used on social media. People are digging through Freeman’s social media for more “evidence” “proving” that he is a separatist. There are a small number of people who remain rational or know more about the incident, but their voice is too small against the majority witch-hunt. Kindy, the manager of Tyloo, tried to defuse the situation, but is now facing criticism of his lack of action against Freeman as well when many people are calling for Freeman to be kicked from the team.

Some “fans” have reported Freeman and even the entire Tyloo Team to the authorities for supporting HK independence.


Tyloo’s Freeman under attack from CN community for condemning mobs who beat commuters, protesters, and journalists in HK as well as the irresponsiveness of the police. “Fans” believe that Freeman is an HK separatist and reported Freeman and Tyloo to the authorities.

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