Vitality’s coach XTQZZZ Interview Translated

After the match against Astralis, XTQZZZ, Vitality’s coach gave an interview for VakarM about the match against Astralis. It gives good infos so I decided to translate it. “I” stands for Interviewer and “C” for coach. The questions will be in italics.

I : So how do you feel about this match?

C : Hard, long and very stressing. We got the win, but this is not the end yet.

I : After the match against NRG, you had 24h to prepare for Astralis. What did you do?

As usual, Renaud (i.e Wipr, Vitality’s analyst) and me prepared the match together because we didn’t have much time. We had to split work. After we worked on the vetoes. We won the veto because they made an error when they thought we would pick overpass. We got them on D2 and we saw that they had no plans for this map. It helped us a lot.

I : Yeah, we saw that they wanted to ban Nuke, where Vitality is very strong which gave you overpass.

C : Well for Nuke, we scrimmed them 6/7 times in a month and a half on Nuke, and even though I hate using scrim results; but everytime we would take more than 20 rounds. We know they gameplans, we know them well and I’m pretty sure they were not confident on that map. We knew they felt better on Overpass because they had beaten Liquid on it when it’s Liquid’s best map, so they thought they could take us on it, especially when our Overpass since the beginning of the tournament were not so great.

I : So, let’s talk about D2. In your matches against NRG and Astralis, you were very dominating on this map. Especially on short A. Once upon a time, it used to be a French map, we kinda lost that, can we now say that it’s really a French map now?

C : Hum, well yes. G2 are very good on it, especially in Pro League. For us, the main problem we had is that no one wanted to play us on the map, especially after winning the summit, everyone banned D2 against us. I think it was the same during Dreamhack. We could not play it that much. And the defeat against NiP was a blessing in disguise. It was a shock. We had too many automatisms and we were very predictible. I am happy we lost in that manner even though it’s always annoying to lose. It made us step up hard on it. But you have to also take in consideration that neither Astralis or NRG are the best teams on D2. There are better people on D2 like Liquid and NaVi. We took advantage of that.

I : Let’s talk about overpass now. You are known for your big map pool, did Wipr worked extra hard on Inferno? We saw that you were very good on it, you were clearly equal to them with a very tough overtime.

C : Inferno was entirely on me. Wipr prepared other maps, I did Inferno alone. We know 100% that they would pick Inferno. On Inferno, we go from bad to good, we are inconsistent. About Astralis, we know they always hard focus on the banana and we clearly weren’t prepared for people being that strong on that position. In the end we didn’t do that bad, we won 4 rounds to go in overtime even though we threw a 5v3. I feel good about tomorrow for it.

I : What we saw in that tournaments, and to an extend in previous tournaments, is that every single member of the team can clutch which means that the individual level is very good. Is that because Mathieu (Zywoo) joined? Having someone who can clutch all the time must put you in good spirits?

C : In my opinion, we didn’t even start in a good shape. ECS + a road trip in the states really exhausted us. We couldn’t really rest because we had those damned MDL matches and then during scrims we weren’t good except for the last three days were we were OK.It showed in pools where we played bad. The thing that made us be better was that we went into playoffs, which gave us a boost and the fact that we talk a lot. We had to do better otherwise we would have been kicked 2-0 in quarter. Also we finally found our internal structure outside of the game, with the staff etc. Who does what etc.. It helps a lot. There are people helping the boys, they know it, they are not alone. Not everything is perfect yet. We have a physiotherapist and we can see his effect.

I : So we are waiting for the next finalist. Do you have any preference against who you want to play against?

C : I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t care. Winning is the only thing that matters. It’s two different styles focused on individualities (NaVi) and headshot machines that plays in group that are Liquid. I think it may be close, but I have no preference. The map pool is nearly the same when you compare both teams. We will mostly prepare about the fact that it’s our first BO5. If it’s like today, we can take it all.

I : Maybe the physiotherapist will help for that?

C : Yeah as I said earlier, that and the fact that we found a good schedule, we found a good rhythm.

I : Talking about the physiotherapist, can he intervene between maps to relieve stress on the muscles, etc?

C : Yeah, he comes between every maps, but it’s mostly depending on what players feels. They still are not used to that, they are not used to say what they need. For example, after the first map, Alex had pain in his shoulders and he didn’t say it when we had Nicolas (the physio) that could have helped him. He only said it to me on stage. As I said, not everything is perfect but we find our rhythm. As for me, I’m going to be very happy with his work because I’ve just went 4 hours on stage standing still without chairs available.

**I : To conclude, generally speaking on the french scene we saw G2 in Finals at ESL Pro League, and you winning the summit plus this final, can we say that French CS is back and can we expect good results at the major? **

C : There is only one answer to this, and it’s yes. French CS is back. G2 did an excellent pro league. And to be honest, I know the guys, I was frustrated for them for the final. I am pretty sure that if they had Inferno, they would have won Vertigo. They have a coherent project, they are performing well with the team, the coaching staff etc. It quite close for the two french teams actually. We move step by step to what we want to accomplish. The talent is not the problem, it’s the professional side. Challenge yourself, always apply some self analysis, the auto-critic. When I arrived in the team, that was the hardest. It was “oh we weren’t good there.” instead of “Why we did good, why we did bad”. Mentality and preparation was important. As for the major, everyone will be ready. What I dislike heavily are the major dates. They did it wrong but it’s the same for everyone. For example, we won’t have much free time as we will keep going on our road trip. We still have some tournaments where we can be good like EPL next week and Chicago. Lots of tournaments left.

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