We were very happy with our new “Inferno” series before our R8 skin got stomped with 500negative votes bot attack. Can we please do something about it?

Quick story, recently if you upload a rather successful workshop skin and you reach the top 3 spots visible from Steam Library / CSGO view – you often get review bombed by bots to be removed from it, and replaced by “FREE SKINS” scam workshop uploads. We had it happen to us just a few minutes ago when our third skin with this theme (r8 revolver) dropped from 88% positive to 27, than 14% positive in the matter of minutes. Results? Our gun got moved to 7th+ page in most popular, and is pretty much dead at this point.

Have any other creators found themselves in this wicked situation? How to battle it…

Here’s the weapon finish I’m talking about:

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