What I think makes S1mple better than other pros.

Every pro has good aim and cross hair placement, some better than others. When both players’ cross hairs find the enemies’ head, the player with the quickest reaction time will get the kill.

When s1mple did the human benchmark reaction time test on his stream, his reactions ranged from 167ms to 210ms or so. When I used to practice this daily, I’d get around 163ms consistently, but now when I only occasionally do it, I get around 180ms avg. My human benchmark reaction time is not very different from s1mple’s, yet his reaction time in game is undoubtedly much faster.

With the human benchmark test you are focused. You know that the colour will change within the next 2-8s. When watching an angle with an awp for 50s, you can lose focus, phase out etc. This is what I think is ‘true reaction time’. I would think that it would correlate with the human benchmark test. This brings me to say that s1mple’s anticipation is what makes his react so quickly in game. He also practices the most (I believe) and is a player with around the most hours played, giving him the most experience and hence improving anticipation. The fact that he’s still so accurate with such high sensitivity could also be a factor, but with good cross hair placement like Niko, I don’t think it’s that important here. When people say s1mple’s the most talented, I believe this is what they’re talking about, maybe hand eye coordination too.

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